Industrial Design | Electrical and Plumbing Inspection Details

During renovation, the electrical and plumbing stage often poses the first major challenge for homeowners. Here are some key points regarding preparation, communication techniques, construction details, and post-construction inspection considerations.


  1. Plan the placement of sockets, appliances, and light switches.
  2. Decide whether a main light or suspended ceiling is needed.
  3. Determine the required square footage of wiring, considering the budget.
  4. Decide whether plumbing and wiring will run through the floor or ceiling.
  5. Consider whether wiring should be done horizontally or vertically.
  6. Decide whether cutting into walls for wiring is necessary.
  7. Determine if there are needs for central air conditioning, ventilation systems, or floor heating.
  8. Determine the installation heights of cabinets, sinks, toilets, etc.
  9. Consider whether sinks, faucets, and toilets need wall-mounted drainage.

Communication with Workers:

  1. For situations without a main light or suspended ceiling, consider burying wires in shallow grooves in the ceiling.
  2. Requirements for low plumbing and wiring, avoiding large horizontal grooves on walls as much as possible.
  3. Ensure safety and compliance with regulations for point-to-point wiring, and arrange for professional inspection.
  4. Communicate about embedding television wiring conduits in walls and wall-mounted drainage for sinks.
  5. Allocate separate circuits for appliances such as refrigerators, lighting, and air conditioners.
  6. Use 1.5-square wiring for lighting fixtures and 2.5-square wiring for sockets (4-square wiring for dining table sockets).

Post-Construction Inspection:

  1. Pay 80% of the project fee after completion of electrical and plumbing work. Pay the remaining 20% after completion of lighting fixture installation and passing inspection.
  2. When using payment platforms, ensure payment is made after completion of inspection to guarantee quality.

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