Improving Quality of Life with a Washing Machine

Recently, I’ve been arranging the household appliances for my new home. With summer here, it’s time to air out large items of clothing and bedding, and even take care of thick winter clothes with an early dry-cleaning. However, my previous washing machine had limited capacity, requiring several cycles to wash larger items, which was time-consuming and laborious, and it lacked a drying function. So, I decided to invest in a better washing machine during this new home renovation.

A friend recommended the COLMO Huixue set, which includes a top-loading washing machine and a 10kg capacity dryer. The washing machine features intelligent AI disinfection, automatically matching disinfection programs, ensuring even personal items are free from bacteria and dirt residues.

What I particularly love is its AI automatic recognition program, allowing control via the Midea app, truly achieving wireless smart control and freeing up hands. It can also automatically sense water and clothing loads, and once the dryer is turned on, it recognizes the washing machine program automatically. The dryer has a built-in UV ultraviolet disinfection lamp, with an effective sterilization rate of up to 99.99%, making me feel reassured.

Moreover, it has a smart air washing function, leaving clothes soft and comfortable, allowing me to care for my clothes at home. Its appearance is also aesthetically pleasing, complementing various decoration styles and colors, exuding a sense of technology.

Overall, a high-quality life indeed brings happiness.

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