Elegant and Warm Czech Moodoo Floor Lamp

Today, after patiently waiting for three weeks, I finally received the much-anticipated Czech Moodoo floor lamp. Without hesitation, I rushed to my new home to unbox it. This floor lamp boasts a unique and niche design.

  • Brand: Czech Moodoo
  • Designer: Tomas Paul
  • Dimensions: 24✖️24✖️122

The lampshade is made of resin-coated paper, featuring cut and folded leaf patterns on top. It comes with two types of legs: wooden and metallic. I opted for the wooden legs. Additionally, there are various pattern options available for the lampshade.

Not only is the quality excellent, but the light emitted is also incredibly soft. As soon as it is illuminated, my once dreary home instantly becomes warm and inviting.

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